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Macie Barefoot

Macie Barefoot is a director, screenwriter, filmmaker, and photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina. From a young age, Macie was fascinated by entertainment and performing arts. Her early involvement in dance, theatre, and photography ultimately led her to develop a great love for film and television. 


Embracing her lifelong passion to pursue the arts, Macie moved to New York City at eighteen where she began studying filmmaking, directing, writing, and producing. In May 2022, Macie graduated from Marymount Manhattan College where she received her double Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, Television, & Emerging Media and Digital Media & Video Production. 


Macie’s desire to improve the on-screen representation of LGBTQ+ characters led her to create Pride House Entertainment in 2020. Under Pride House Entertainment, Macie assembled an entirely LGBTQ+ collective of artists dedicated to creating inclusive and authentic depictions of the queer experience. 


Macie has experience working on award-winning fictional, documentary, experimental, and animated short films. She has additional production experience working on music videos and as a behind the scenes photographer. In 2021, Macie served as a producer, co-director, and director of photography on the queer short film ‘A Series of Chromatic Events’ which is currently in post-production. In 2021 and 2022 Macie collaborated with JAX Media and Netflix, working as a Production Assistant on the new Netflix Original Series ‘Partner Track’. In 2022, Macie wrote, directed, produced, and edited her newest short film and senior thesis piece ‘Lucid’ which she aspires to have a festival run with.  


When Macie isn’t making films, she’s watching and studying them. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, adding to her record collection, and learning about vintage cameras and film photography. It is Macie’s passion to continue writing and directing original projects with authentic, fully developed, queer characters at the forefront. It is her long-term goal to create LGBTQ+ blockbusters for all to enjoy. 

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